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Get Gucci AF on a Primark Budget 



Hi Guys, 

I'm Katie and this is my blog. I decided to call it Ari&Me because of my Mini Maltese puppy Aria. She is honestly the best thing ever and my best friend. I am purely the &Me in this blog even though she's a lazy sod and she won't do any of the work. 

I hope you enjoy all my posts, as you can see they vary a lot and I've tried to get something for everyone into this little blog. Let me know what you like and what you don't and hopefully I can make sure you get what you want. 

Lots of Love, Katie



Ari&Me was born out of my passion for fashion and getting the look you want without spending ALL the money. I am driven to find budget pieces and mix them up with more expensive items to create a high-end inspired look without spending thousands of pounds. 

I have recently moved from South Africa where I started the blog to London for work and also to increase the reach of the blog and its opportunities (hopefully). I am working a full time job in London and so I'll keep you updated and do my absolute best to blog as often as possible. 

I am waiting for Aria to join me, which she will be doing as soon as possible