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Get Gucci AF on a Primark Budget 






I decided to write this review because, without any press drops from NYX, I have managed to accumulate four of these particular lipsticks in only a couple of months. The first one I actually purchased was 'Con Artist' which is the very darkest of shades. I actually (huge surprise coming up here ladies and gentlemen_ got the idea to try a darker lip from Zoella. In the beginning, I really thought that I just wasn't one of those people who could pull it off. Turns out my mother still is of the mindset that I actually cannot pull it off but everyone else seems to disagree and I think it's cool so...I keep wearing it. It's so very close to black in colour, its a very deep red and not a very deep purple (which darker shades of lipstick often tend to be) and for that alone I love it! 


NYX really have done an amazing job, they have managed to bring amazing quality to the table whilst maintaining fairly reasonable pricing which is honestly incredible. I started using the brand a few years ago and it was very difficult to find back then. Only a few select Clicks stores stocked it and it uh, wasn't cheap. The price point seems a lot better now although I can't be sure of whether that's simply that everything else has got so much more expensive and so it just fits in. 


As a small statured person, I struggle big lipsticks as sometimes the actual point is bigger than my lip which makes life a little more difficult. So, one of the things that I really love about these lipsticks is their small stature and smaller size point (shaped very well for the lip). The small size also means that they are very easy to fit into just about any size handbag (although they have a tendency of getting lost more easily in big bags) and even if you don't want to carry a bag, this could easily fit into just about any pocket. These lipsticks also have amazing colour payoff and the price is just so damn good for what you get! One of my favourites is the red from this collection (the one I have is called 'Up the Bass') and it it is a true post-box red. 


The other great thing about these is that they are matte lipsticks which is very much on trend at the moment. The certainly don't dry your lips out too much although I might recommend applying a lip balm before and allowing it to sink in to stop your lips looking parched. They also stay on really very well. Especially when you consider the price and that the only other lip colour that has come close to this for me is a R300 Stila liquid lipstick. 


I am absolutely in love with NYX as a brand and you'll definitely be seeing more about my product favs from them very soon. 


All of these lipsticks are beautifully pigmented and when you consider that you're only paying around R100 per lipstick, it's hugely impressive. The range of colours that they have is also so amazing. There are 12 colours in the range but so much variety. It also makes being on trend a lot more accessible for everyone. Brilliant product and I would 100% recommend this to anyone who's on the hunt for a great matte lipstick. 


In South Africa, NYX is available at most Clicks stores (the main stores are Gateway Umhlanga, Mall of Africa and Manly Pretoria):

OR online: