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Get Gucci AF on a Primark Budget 





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For years, almost as long as I can remember, I was a constant cheap mascara user. I just couldn't see any reason to spend that much money on something like mascara, it just didn't seem like something worth spending that much on. Recently, though, I am somewhat of a convert and all thanks to Chanel. 

The reason behind the change in my point of view? It was really starting to get on my nerves that my mascara just was not staying put. During the summer, one could blame it on the heat and the sweat that resulted from that heat but when during winter, it was still flaking off? Not cool. Essentially, I'd start my day off with a full face of make-up and perfectly mascaraed lashes but by the end of the day, that thick coat of mascara was history. 

I've always felt that mascara really makes a make-up look. It's vital and you just don't look finished without it. In fact, with a full face of make-up and no mascara, you look a bit weird and definitely like you just sort of forgot something. 

Previous to Chanel, I was using Maybelline, so yes, it was a major step up. I went to beauty counter after beauty counter asking for testers. I would get them home and then I went through tester after tester of mascara, just waiting for one to hold. 

Then I finally found it. To me, this is the absolute holy grail of mascara and yes, it will set you back a bit. A bit as in 26 quid, which for mascara really is quite a lot. If you want great lashes with a lot of staying power though, I 100% recommend this over any other mascara currently on the market. Chanel is a holy grail product and that isn't a secret. 

Five stars
Highly recommend