I first heard about Mario Badescu's apparently miraculous facial spray from a few Youtubers. I decided to finally buy it and give it a try in December. It's not expensive, only 7 quid. 

I wasn't really sure what to expect from it. I've never used a facial spray before. I sort of just started using it and I have to admit that I've loved it ever since. 

I use it every morning and every night before moisturising and it seems to just be really lovely for the skin. It's easy on the skin, easy to use and achieves good results. 

It hydrates very well but you do need a moisturiser as well. My skin has felt a lot more dewy and has a constant glow. 

The best results I have seen from it has to be when I flew to South Africa. The air on airplanes is always dry and difficult for skin. I always travel with make-up on but ALWAYS take it off during the flight to give my skin a break. I always take some facial wipes to take all the make-up off and this facial spray helped so much to keep my skin hydrated and fresh during the journey. 

I definitely recommend this as a product to buy and use especially if you do have a flight coming up.

Definitely on my best buy list, purchase here:

Also available at Urban Outfitters