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The first product on here and it's something which I got free in the goody bag from the Coffee and Chocolate Expo Media Launch. I have absolutely fallen in love with the LOCA Skincare range of body scrubs.

The scrubs are made of coffee grounds and the exfoliation you get from them is so extraordinary. Remember that caffeine is very good for brightening and rejuvenating the skin and so absolutely fabulous for your skincare routine. This is quite a harsh scrub as you would imagine because it is so pure and made from coffee grounds. The coffee scrub is essentially reminiscent of the dregs of the coffee which we drink, think what's left in the bottom of the cup after a Turkish coffee and you'll get the idea of what the inside of the packet looks like. Except much better. 

They use Robusta coffee because it contains 90% more caffeine than the regular Arabica coffee (the one we usually drink). The caffeine stimulates the blood flow which in turn targets areas like cellulite and stretch marks in the most natural way possible. You get all different 'flavours' of body scrub, I was originally given the Orange one and I have to admit that I did find the smell a tad overwhelming at first butt you do adjust. However, orange is probably the strongest of the smells and choose something you are happy to smell of because it does somewhat infuse the skin. I have just used the Lavender and I have to say that I absolutely love that. Whilst Lavender is an incredibly strong smell it is still a relaxing and rejuvenating smell and works really surprisingly well mixed with coffee. 

I love the lingering smell of coffee in my bathroom after I use this product and I find that it really wakes you up. I have terribly dry skin in the winter anyway which can lead to some terrible eczema. This really helped me in treating that but you do have to use it continuously to see the results. I personally transferred mine into a jar just so it would keep a bit better because all the ingredients are so natural. 

The rest of the body scrub is just Green Tea Extract which is notorious for its healing properties, Shea Butter, Pure Coconut Oil, Coffee Essential Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Vitamin E, Peach Kernal ad then, of course, the smell you choose is just and essential oil. 

Loving this product, not expensive and 100% would recommend this whether your skin is tired, dry, dull or anything really - this is for you.

PS: You can buy online here: