On Friday Taylor Swift made her rather over-dramatic (in my opinion) comeback with the song 'Look What You Made Me Do'. I actually wasn't all that interested and I had lost so much respect for Taylor over the 'I don't want my music on Spotify because of the artists and the value of music which was swiftly followed by her putting all her music back onto Spotify on the same day as Katy Perry released new music. Not a cool move Tay.


Dunkirk is really no holds barred right from the off. You dive straight into a war zone with no preamble and no character introduction. In my mind this truly is one of Christopher Nolan’s best films, in fact, it may be the best thus far. The film has a distinct lack of dialogue and is instead very visual and thus a very visceral experience. The film is tense, spontaneous and had my full and undivided attention right from the first second. 


Having announced their hiatus back in 2015, One Direction have gone their different directions and now each of the boys have solo careers that most artists only dream of. The question does arise though, are they better apart than they were together? All of the boys have gone on to make such amazing music individually that it leaves you wondering whether perhaps they were restricted a lot within 1D. 

Harry, who this article is really about, has released his self-titled debut album and I'm absolutely obsessed with it (to put it mildly). In his solo album, I have found that very rare thing, an album you can listen to over and over again and not end up dead bored with. Am I surprised that he pulled it off? No, not at all. It was obvious right from the X-Factor days that Harry was ridiculously talented.