On Friday Taylor Swift made her rather over-dramatic (in my opinion) comeback with the song 'Look What You Made Me Do'. I actually wasn't all that interested and I had lost so much respect for Taylor over the 'I don't want my music on Spotify because of the artists and the value of music which was swiftly followed by her putting all her music back onto Spotify on the same day as Katy Perry released new music. Not a cool move Tay.

However, there was so much of a response on Twitter and so many divided people that I definitely felt the need to join in and at least hear the song so that I could form my own opinions about it. First listen was on the Bakerloo line on my way to work and I didn't like it...at all. My immediate thoughts were 'I'm too sexy' and childish spite. Basically a 13 year old not getting what she wanted and wanting to get back at people. 

I swiftly (pun kind of intended) decided that I didn't like the song and I didn't like the apparent lack of any growth in the music. She had said in the song that the old Taylor was 'dead' but it sounded the same to me. The same spiteful young girl who wrote 'Picture to Burn' which in my mind was still a lyrically better song. 

Taylor is undoubtedly talented and I still love her really old music but this is just too much of the same with the addition of black lipstick and terrible 80s hair...basically. 

Then I watched the music video and well...this happened. Watch for yourself.