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How To Stop Time is honestly one of the most incredible books I have had the privilege of reading. Matt Haig must be one of the best authors of our time. The attention he pays to not just a single character but multiple different characters, each with their own story, their own history. Every single character in how to stop time is unique and 3 dimensional. They are those characters that you come to love and by the end of the book, you don't want to let go of. 

The characters that Matt Haig describes are those that stay in your heart, those people who you relate to on a human level. He brings pages to life using the light and dark of the human mind. 

It is, to me, no wonder that Matt Haig is an international bestseller. How could he possibly not be? This is one of those books that makes you think, the type of book which keeps the brain ticking over and thinking. So rare in any book, something I have not experienced in years and yet so beautiful. It was a rare moment, opening this book and just knowing that this was it...this was that book that was for all intents and purposes a missing link. 

It is such a difficult book to describe, how could I possibly describe something which fits into pages so beautifully and yet, as you read, brings about new realisations not just about humans in general but about yourself and who you are. 

The book is split into sections which all correspond perfectly. We always come back to present day London and thus the comparisons between history and what is happening in our world right now are that much stronger. Here, we follow Tom Hazard who has lived through it all. We simultaneously discover his past and his present. We discover him as a person and how he has come to be who he is today by seeing his past, we see his present. 

It is something that we never get to experience when it comes to other people. All we see is the face and where they are right this minute. We never get to see the behind the scenes, what the person you are looking at has been through to make them who they are today. What has brought them here and where will they go next? 

Regardless of who you are and where you are in life, this book is really worth a read. 



Dunkirk is really no holds barred right from the off. You dive straight into a war zone with no preamble and no character introduction. In my mind this truly is one of Christopher Nolan’s best films, in fact, it may be the best thus far. The film has a distinct lack of dialogue and is instead very visual and thus a very visceral experience. The film is tense, spontaneous and had my full and undivided attention right from the first second. 

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