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Get Gucci AF on a Primark Budget 






The arrival of yellows, pinks and blues just signal the arrival of Spring, don’t you think? Recently, I have been absolutely in love with these lovely bright yellow statement earrings from Primark (pictured on left). If I could possess a pair in every colour, I absolutely would. I have worn these earrings everywhere and for every occasion recently during my trip to South Africa. 


Every single time that I wear them, I get an onslaught of compliments and people asking me where I got them. The same is true on Instagram, with so so many of you commenting and saying lovely things about the earrings and the pop of colour that they add. I almost didn’t get them, I had that weird mid-primark shopping moment. I don’t know if its actually a thing of whether its just me but about halfway through Primark, with a basket full, I suddenly decide that I shouldn’t be spending so much and I really shouldn’t need all of what I have in the basket. This begins a weird downward spiral where I literally want to just give up, maybe just put the basket down and leave. I basically have an extreme phobia of spending money. Having written that paragraph, I realise that this has little to do with Primark and a lot to do with me and my love/hate relationship with shopping. Perhaps it will resolve itself when my bank balance increases but somehow, I have the feeling that I’m always going to struggle at least a little bit.  


Then I thought, given that so many of you have commented and been asking, I would write a little blog post about these amazing earrings and links some similar ones since I can’t give you a link where you can buy them because they’re from Primark. 








**If you do wish to purchase them from Primark, I know for sure that the Marble Arch Primark has them in just about every colour known to man (and spring) and they are only 3 quid a pair.