Welcome to my January #MonthlyMustHaves in fashion. These are the pieces that I’m lusting after for this month - all of them are on my ‘to buy’ list. I thought this would be a nice way to share what’s currently stick in my wish lists and shopping baskets due to complaints from my bank account 😂

All images have direct links so that you can shop the pieces. I don’t get paid if you choose to buy them - they aren’t affiliate links

Happy Reading and indeed, happy shopping xx







Go anywhere near a major highstreet retiler and you'll see their telltale bulky shape. These are not going for the prettiest shoe award but they sure are in for the long haul in terms of fashion.

We've all seen them and they're absolutely everywhere lately, from Zara to Mr Price, anywhere you go, you'll see the chunky trainers everywhere. I vividly remember my mum having a pair of sneakers which looked a lot like the chunky sneakers of today although perhaps they were a bit more wedge than the chunky sneakers we are seeing today. This chunky 80's/90’s revamp is currently the biggest thing since sliced bread and I'll admit that I couldn't be happier. I'm a petite girl standing at only 5 ft 2 and I'm more than happy to admit that I just adore the boost in height the chunky sneaker gives. I'm also absolutely on board with the dress/skirt and chunky trainer look. I always think it looks really fresh and it's a bit more of a chilled and toned down look. These trainers are a far cry from what has been the ‘fashion’ sneaker previously. They are nothing like the sleek, flat soled Stan Smiths or Adidas Superstars of yesteryear. These are sneakers with presence and personally, I hope they’re here to stay.

If you're looking for the culprits of starting this ‘ugly’ trend, look no further than Balenciaga. They were the first to bring us a bold, shoe with a bulky silhouette in the Triple S. Before you could so much as draw breath, all of the It girls were wearing it. Originally, I thought that there was absolutely no way this was going to catch on. Then I walked into Topshop and saw a pair and then into Zara and then I just knew that the trend would take off. There are many negative things you can say about fast fashion high street stores but one thing you can’t say it that they are behind the times…they are never behind the times. Topshop brought out the chunky trainer in white and grey and boom! they sold out, just like that and as they added more colours, on it went, they were almost constantly sold out. Then Zara came on board with a slightly higher price tag than Topshop's 49 pound and suddenly places like Primark and Mr Price joined the fray. Even Adidas and Nike have joined the chunky sneaker brigade with their Falcon and Tekno shoes respectively.

If you're looking for a pair of your own: 


Remember the Simple Life with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie? Well I bloody well do and I used to dream of the day that I would look as cool as Paris did in her bright pink velour tracksuit bottoms and bling sunnies. That still hasn't happened for me and I dont really rate my ability to wear velour but I don't care and I'm super, super excited about her collab with Boohoo. I've picked out a few of my absolute favourite pieces from the collection and linked them. These aren't affiliate links, they're just normal ones.

That's Hot.


Left: Paris Hilton Palm Print Ruffle Wide Leg Jumpsuit




Below: Paris Hilton Wide Leg Palm Print Trousers




Above: Paris Hilton Rhinestones Slogan Tracksuit (£28.00)


Left: Paris Hilton Diamond Baby Slogan Crop Hoody (£16.00)



Above: Paris Hilton That's Hot Scoop Back Swimsuit



*I think it's sold out in pink and now only available in white :) 

**All images are from www.boohoo.com and I do not own them 



From "The One Where the Monkey Goes Missing' 

Screenshot 2018-06-18 22.27.01.png
Screenshot 2018-06-18 22.20.20.png


From 'The One With The Breast Milk' 

Screenshot 2018-06-18 22.29.32.png
Screenshot 2018-06-18 22.35.28.png
Screenshot 2018-06-18 23.04.26.png
Screenshot 2018-06-18 23.09.35.png

Denim Pinafore Dress: http://tidd.ly/2270ef35

Striped Top: http://tidd.ly/7ab5a306

Longline Blazer: http://tidd.ly/d8e86da8

Trainers: http://tidd.ly/36aad03d


From 'The One With Two Parts' 

Screenshot 2018-06-18 22.40.28.png


From 'The One with the Sonogram at the End' 

Screenshot 2018-06-18 22.34.02.png


From 'The One With Phoebe's Husband'

Screenshot 2018-06-18 22.21.14.png
Screenshot 2018-06-18 22.46.33.png

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I love a great brand collaboration and this collab between Missguided and Barbie is the ultimate in brand collaboration. I've taken a look at the collection online and chosen some of my absolute favourite pieces. 


How damned cool is this jacket? I am absolutely 100% in love with this piece. It ranks top of my list because its effortless and cool and undoubtedly the coolest part of this collection in my mind 

To wear with: Anything 







For a second, lets just imagine this top under the jacket above with a cute little black skater skirt. Could this outfit be any more perfect?

I love it, it's so cute and simple and the perfect summer top!

What to wear with: Shorts, skirts, jeans...anything that takes your damn fancy







A co-ord with the Barbie name on it and all those cute candy stripes? I want it, I want it, I want it! 

This is not sold as a set so you'd need to buy each piece individually but they're both really reasonably priced

Top: £20.00


Shorts: £12.00




Barbie bikini's? It's a definite 'yes' from me! The candy stripes are amazing and I think this looks like a really fabulously flattering set! 

The words 'Barbie' across your boobs? I mean, what more could you possibly ask for? Also, £20.00 for a bikini set? That is freaking amazing! 





In all of the beauty of this collection, remember that you don't have to have a 'Barbie' figure in order to wear any part of this collection. You don't need a thigh gap and you don't have to be 6 feet tall.

Be you because you are the ultimate girl, just like 'Barbie' 


River Island have teamed up with 'Ditch the label' for an anti-bullying campaign which is my favourite thing to happen so far in 2018. As a victim of bullying myself, I realise how much of an impact words and actions can have and how important it is to treat everyone with respect. 

I have so much love for this campaign and the second I saw it, I got involved. I chose to purchase the multi coloured 'Labels are for clothes' jumper. I have never been more excited to spend 26 pounds. River Island are doing their part by donating 3 pounds from every sale plus an extra pound for every social share using  #Labelsareforclothes

If you can't afford to pay the money for one of their special edition campaign shirts, worry not because you can still help by sharing all of these posts on your social media!

The lovely ladies pictured at the top are: 

SHOP: https://www.riverisland.com/ss-campaign?icid=hp/hero/ss-campaign/op#forthPage



Tis The Season: Hoop Earrings

File 30-11-2017, 10 07 52_preview-1.jpeg

Recently, hoop earrings have made a rather large comeback. Okay, I say they've made a comeback when they haven't really ever left. Hoops are pretty much a constant in terms of ear wear. But recently, I've seen them just about everywhere. From large multi-packs of multiple sizes in Primark for a pound all the way to the 9 or 18 carat gold ones. 

Personally, I opted for a rather middle of the road pair from Zara. They set me back 9.99 which isn't ridiculously expensive. The thing I really liked is how they look quite expensive and haven't tarnished at all thus far. The only downside that I have experienced with Zara’s earrings (referencing these in particular but true of all the earrings I have from them) is that they have a tendency to be rather on the heavy side. Now perhaps it’s me, perhaps I have overly weak ear lobes? Maybe my ears just aren't cut out for the larger, heavier hoop. The real trouble is that I absolutely love wearing them and so I wear them often even if perhaps, in order to #savemyears I shouldn't. They look so darn good though. 


I've always liked hoops. When I was younger it was generally the really simple, thin ones that I liked. The ones like Primark make in large packs that are very thin and easy to wear. I still wear those types of hoops but my preference nowadays is generally an earring with a bit more oomph. I’m very much partial to a Zara statement earring at all times of the year and these are by far my favourite earrings of the moment. The perfect elegant addition to any Christmas outfit. 


Below, I have linked some options

Please note that Zara is now out of stock of these earrings 

These are also incredibly similar from Topshop

These are also incredibly similar from Topshop

Looking for more luxury? These are from  NetAPorter  and definitely luxurious 

Looking for more luxury? These are from NetAPorter and definitely luxurious 

The most similar to the Zara ones, these are from  Missguided

The most similar to the Zara ones, these are from Missguided

If you want real luxury, try these 9ct gold ones from  F Hinds

If you want real luxury, try these 9ct gold ones from F Hinds


DSCN1637 2.JPG

Kate Moss (yes that Kate Moss) has teamed up with the massive Polish high-street brand Reserved to bring the new Autumn/Winter ’17 to London. The entire collection has Kate's stamp of approval and the collection will be refreshed every two weeks to keep the shop new, fresh and interesting. Essentially, this means that if you like something, you better get it while you still can. 

The pricing is also great. The collection isn't expensive and rivals other high-street brands like Zara in terms of pricing. The store itself is absolutely huge and essentially 'divided' into four with Women's, Men's, Accessories and Kids departments. Fashion-wise, the store has absolutely amazing content and has some seriously amazing Autumn/Winter pieces at amazing prices. I really didn't see much over the 30-pound mark in the store, excluding only boots and jackets which really is fair enough. 

The campaign – fifteen black-and-white images which were shot this summer by Daniel Jackson

The store itself really reflects Moss' rock and roll chic aesthetic with black and white being the main colours and plenty of mirrored surfaces throughout.  It is filled with opposites like leather and soft jerseys, the meshing of hard and soft which forms that iconic 'London look' that Kate Moss is famed for. Co-founder and CEO Marek Piechocki spoke about the launch, saying: “The opening of Reserved Oxford Street is an important move for us. London is a fashion capital and having a presence in this prestigious location will be another step towards building global recognition of Reserved as a brand and LPP as a company.”

In terms of the campaign, Daniel Jackson shot fifteen black-and-white images of Moss which are on constant electronic display throughout the store. 

Also worth mentioning is the men's collection (even though I don't usually cover it). It's very cool and almost excessively 'London' with bright colours and black simultaneously challenging and complimenting each other. 

The shop is definitely worth a visit if you're heading to London soon and definitely worth while taking anyone who is visiting from overseas to see it. 



So, I posted about this a few days ago when it was first announced. I was a little excited. In saying that, of course I mean that I was so excited that I pretty much started saving on the spot. This is insane! I love Karl Lagerfeld and I love Vans so honestly, what could be more perfect? 

So, news today is that the first images are here, take a little look! Karl has re-worked the classic Vans check, replacing it with interlocked Karl Lagerfeld silhouettes. T-shirts also possess a pixelated version of his famous silhouette whilst other items will have the Vans X Karl Lagerfeld logo.

There’s apparently going to be more in terms of clothing and accessories including a hoodie and a K-stitched, quilted backpack. The collection will also boast six styles of footwear which is also hugely exciting!

Possibly the best thing though is that the collection will be within the realm of possibility for most ordinary citizens with prices starting at only $40 (and then going all the way up to $300).

The collection will be available in Karl Lagerfeld stores, on Karl.com, and on Vans’s site on September 7th. 



BDG Pink Waffle Knit Batwing Jumper £42

So, you just watched Zoella's new video and you're left wondering...where the hell is that jumper from? Well many people asked on Zoe's video and so I decided to find it. Now, I had a vague idea where to start, given that Zoe and Mark had just been to bath and both purchased things from Urban Outfitters and we have never seen the jumper before, it gave me a hint.

I did also look on Asos, Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Primark and well...everywhere else. I actually found it and heavens am I proud of myself.

The lighting that Zoe used in her video may have sightly 'changed' the look of the colour of the jumper. I am pretty convinced that this is in fact the jumper itself.

So all that's left is...Zoe??? Is this your jumper? 




It's no secret that I am a lover of Zoe Sugg (minds out of the gutters).

Lately, we have seen Zoe or 'Zoella' rocking a specific bag, namely the black bag with the fried egg clasp. So, since Zoe has yet to mention where this bag is from and so many people are curious, I decided to make it my personal mission to find out.

It certainly wasn't as easy as you might think as the search 'Zoella Fried Egg Handbag' on Google yielded no results. But I found a picture of a very similar looking bag which led me to finding the real one (below). It might be a bag for your wishlist though because it certainly doesn't come cheap. 


The bag in question is this one from Anya Hindmarch and its worth a pretty penny too, boasting a price tag of £1,195.00. It's called the Egg Bathurst Cross-Body and is apparently 'SILK CALF LEATHER IN BLACK'. So, here it is in all its Anya Hindmarch glory below.

*Please note that all images were taken from the site and should you want further information, you can either click on the picture or the link below.