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I have always loved Starbucks. Not because their coffee is really much better than what other places offer but because for me it is the symbol of home and England. Yes, I know...Starbucks is just about as American as it gets but to isn't. I first experienced Starbucks in London and it was amazing then, it's even better now. Their internet is fast and their interior is so homely and comfortable. 

I have never been to a place where more cultures and different people come together so frequently and so easily. It's one of the many things I love about it. I won't lie, I was at my most excited when they annonced Starbucks' arrival in South Africa. What I didn't know then, but I do know now is that what makes Starbucks special in the rest of the world is present here too. I love to sit here with friends or just to gets me out of the house and it's always nice. The internet is so damn fast - it was the only place I could upload my Youtube videos before we got fibre at home (it took only 6 mins at Starbucks vs 3 hours plus at home). The coffee is good but the quintessential 'Starbucks' drinks are even better (I don't really rate the tea though). 

Today I came here to get my brain working again. There are only three Starbucks as well and I sit quietly and work at the bigger Melrose Arch one. I like sitting here. I like the buzz as people come and go. You know what I really like though? I really like their Lemon and Poppyseed Muffins. So damn great, possibly 'the greatest muffin I have ever had' (if you didn't imagine that in Donald Trump's voice, you've done yourself a great disservice).

Don't know what they did but the muffin itself is not too sweet, lemony in flavour without being too tart. When you cut into the middle, you get like a lemon jam/marmalade and I don't's just amazing and I loved it! It really added an extra dimension. It does have that tiny bit of icing on the top (amazing) with what is possibly preserved lemon? Either way, best muffin ever - go grab one. 

Whilst you're at it, Starbucks SA has just launched their rewards system on your app store  (IOS or Android). Just click the (correct link for you) below to take you straight to those pages. Download that app and not only do you start earning rewards immediately, you can also set your rewards card up as a payment system with a pre-loaded amount of money on it. If you're and Apple user, you can send the digital card to your wallet. All you need to do to pay and earn rewards is essentially scan the barcode on your phone. 

I also love the Iced Caramel Macchiato or if its cooler a Caramel Latte (both with soy). Now you have all the info so off you go. Just remember, the correct way to order a Starbucks drink is like this:

  1. Hot or iced.

  2. Size (Tall, Grande, Venti)

  3. Decaf.

  4. Number of shots (if any extra) or the specific type of coffee (which might cost extra) 

  5. Number of pumps of syrup (if you're that specific or you want it sweeter or less sweet)

  6. Type of milk (they don't HAVE almond yet)

  7. Any extras or things you don't want (like cream)

  8. Drink type (latte, Frappuccino, etc...)